Fabrik Form-Værktøj Sample-Plast Sample-Aluminium



Præcision Plast-Alu. Sprøjtestoebning, SLA Modeller, Prototyper

Service ydelser:
  • Engineering and Design
  • Multi-cavity mould
  • Precise mould
  • Large size mould
  • Double injection mould
  • Hot runner mould
  • Insert mould
  • SLA Modeller
  • CNC 50-100 Stk
Kapacitet :
350 Stk. værktøjsforme pr år
Min Ordre (MOQ):
Min: 500 USD, Min 50 Stk.

Firma profil:
  • 100 ansatte
  • Fabiksareal 4000 m²
  • Kontor: Shenzhen
  • Fabrik: Shenzhen
  • ISO 9001:2008
70%, Danmark,USA, Europa, Asien

  • Værktøj ca 1/4 til 1/5 af dansk pris
  • Emnepris ca 20-30% af dansk pris

  • Serier mellem 50 - 100 stk kan produceres ved CNC brarbejdning uden værktøj



    Sprøjtestøbning, Form-Værktøj samt Serviceydelser

    APC´s Partner is an ISO 9001 2000 certified, privately owned company specializing in manufacturing high-quality plastic injection moulds and injection moulded products for the international market.With a complete in-house service from mould design through to testing, we are your premier choice in a Chinese mould makers.

    APC´s Partner are managed by a professional team with many years of experience in mould design, moulding technology and quality control. We offer fluent communication in English.

    APC´s Partner gives you the benefits of lower cost coupled with the high engineering and production standards expected in the European and North American injection moulding industry.

    With APC´s Partner innovative, dedicated and experienced team we can provide the tools, products and solutions you want from your mould maker. Our engineering and quality assurance systems guarantee your satisfaction.

    Capabilities Form-Værktøj

    APC´s Partner is committed to producing good quality tools using the latest technology available. We deliver to our customers a top notch product, on time and at a fair price .

    APC´s Partner offers the customer the ultimate in mould making capabilities by using computer driven and conventional equipment… large or small jobs… We guarantee your total satisfaction.

    APC´s Partner is a full service, high capacity manufacturer of injection mould and moulding services. Utilizing the latest technologies, we produce top quality functional moulds that include:

    Family mould
    Multi-cavity mouldbr
    Precise mould


    Cap. Sprøjtestøbning (Moulding)

    APC´s Partner believes satisfied customers are the most important asset of our business. By working closely together, we can understand your needs, values, concerns and goals. Production control keeps every project on schedule and inspection assures consistent quality throughout.

    We have rich experience on a full range of imported high-quality plastic raw materials.

    Thermoplastic Rubber


    Capabilities Prototyper

    APC´s Partner is a rapid prototyping service provider that is can supply you with prototype components and assemblies made from a wide variety of plastics, elastomers and metals. We utilize our in-house capabilities, as well as highly qualified vendor partners, to produce prototypes that are manufactured to your specifications. Following is an overview of the main rapid prototyping technologies we incorporate.Have you produced sufficient quantities for market?

    SLA – Stereolithography
    Materials : Hard Epoxy, Clear Epoxy and Flexible Epoxy

    SLS – Selective Laser Sintering
    Materials: Nylon, Glass Filled Nylon, and a Variety of Metals.

    Laser Rapid Prototyping Process:
    1. Change 2-dimensional data into 3-dimensional data through engineering software such as (Pro/E、 Ug、 Catia、 Solidworks、 Ideas) etc.
    2. Then transform into STL files to stratify 3-dimensional models
    3. Each layer of laser bunches forming photo curable resin
    4. Sample making
    5. Surface treatment (Polishing, Painting, pad printing, hot stamping, Oil spraying, Silk Screen Printing, laser etching, and so on)

    Small amount reproduction (silicon Mould)

    After CNC or RP models is completed, we can use the machined original prototype master to make an precise silicon mould with silicon materials. Every silicon mould can reproduce 15-20 pieces, materials includes ABS, PU, translucent PU and soft PU.

    Capabilities Diecasting

    APC´s Partner is able to produce aluminum and zinc die castings for various applications in industrial, consumer, agricultural, and automotive sectors. We have hot and cold chamber die casting machines with the necessary supporting equipment to manufacture die castings to meet customers' quality and specification requirements.

    Surface Treatment-APC´s Partner has the advanced dust-free automated spray printing production line and many screen printing, pad printing, heat printing production lines. For the metal materials we can process surface anode oxidation, electroplate, heat printing, etc.Assembly

    APC´s Partner have electric-driven assembly lines. We can provide customers with electronic and mechanical parts assembly, testing and inspection. What we cannot manufacture ourselves we procure from qualified outside suppliers. QC station is set up along the assembly line as required and in charge of controlling the production process.

    Capabilities øvrige tilbudte processer

    Besides our main business mould making and moulding, we also provide assembly and decorating service.

    The service we provided as belowing:
    Ultra-sonic Welding
    Multi-Component Assembly
    Inserts and metals install
    Hardware install
    Pad Printing
    Silk Printing
    ned original prototype master to make a

    Cap. Produkt Udv.Design. Værktøjskonstruktion

    Besides tooling and moulding service, APC´s Partner has developed an innovative approach to plastic product and component development which enables us to predict performance and optimize the design before a commitment is made for tooling. The result is a significant reduction in development time and total delivered cost. This is accomplished by turning the prototyping effort into a product confirmation and fine tuning activity, rather than a long series of tooling changes, steel adjustments and moulding trials.

    Our design service includes the following:
    Product Development
    Mould and product analysis Suggestion
    Mould design of construction Components
    Design for manufacturing product design
    Mould engineering change and Improvement
    Project analysis & summarizing, provide advice to customers

    Kvalitetsstyring & Kontrol

    Quality is the life of APC´s Partner. Our livelihood depends upon satisfied
    customers. A belief that meeting even exceeding our customers' expectation is critical to the future success of our business. We insist on ethical Conduct at all times which is a commitment to act with honesty, integrity and professionalism in all aspects of our business.

    The plant of APC´s Partner is certified ISO9001. This guarantees that we have a consistent and effective quality system in place to meet our customers' quality needs. We attach great importance on defining and documenting these needs for each part at the beginning of a project in order to minimize the errors once production is under way.All phases contributing to part procurement and/or manufacture are fully documented. Copies of inspection results are forwarded with each shipment regardless of the quantity ordered.

    Mold Maintenance:

    Part quality is very dependent on the condition of the mold.
    At the end of each run, we clean, inspect, lubricate, and spray
    the mold with rust preventative. If necessary,mold repairs are
    initiated before wearing and degenerating into a quality issue.

    Main QC Equipment:

    1. CMM Machine
    22. Optical Projector
    B7 B8 B9 B10 B11 B12
    F10 F11 F12
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