APC´s Partner is specializes in hardware molding and CNC machining, with a wide range including mobile phone accessories, consumer electronics as well as other hardware and DIY products and parts.
Established in 2002, we possess a 3,000-squre-meter factory which houses advanced equipment and more than 100 skilled workers. We serve major markets of Europe and the Americas and aim to further develop potential markets in the Middle East and Africa.
We also have our own molding workshop, which is staffed with four experienced R&D engineers. With substantial experience and good command of English, they can release 5-10 new items monthly and professionally customize samples to your specifications. Our operation is ISO 9001:2000-certified and we implement thorough QC procedures to ensure every unit you receive is of top quality. In addition, we maintain stable partnerships with 20 raw materials suppliers, ensuring reliable production.



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