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Prototype Service

                       APC´s Partners´s Prototype Center is skilled to provide you with ideal prototypes by Rapid tooling,
- Silicone mould and vacuum casting,
- CNC manufacturing,
- Metal machining,
- Stamping,
- SLA,
- RIM etc.
                  APC´s Partners´s prototype center making various prototypes of Automotive,
Electrical home appliance,Computer and its accessories,Communicating products
and others ,was established in 2001 and with experienced employees, most of
them are very skillful in prototyping and having about 10 years experience.
APC´s Partners´s prototype center is making the utmost efforts to provide
super prototypes and professional service to world customers .
In the past several years, a lot of prototypes have been exported to
Denmark, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy,Israel, Australia ,South Africa, Canada
and US , enjoying high reputation due to APC´s Partners´s high quality,competitive price ,
quick delivery (1 day to North Amercia and 3 days to EU)and great customer service!

CNC Prototyper 

      h1  CNC prototyping is a state-of-the-art technology of modern industry. With the integration of computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer numerical control (CNC) and other advanced technologies, a solid block can be cut by milling after the compilation of 3D data from a computer. Clamping the work piece, the digital control centre will select the appropriate machine tool according to different processes, automatic choose and replace cutting tools, change the spindle speed automatically, adjust the feed rate per different trajectories and different supporting functions. Several work piece surface will be finished on the multi-procedure processing, the whole process is programming controlled and not subject to any influence of human factors. 

Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)



Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) produces parts with intricate detail that are dimensionally stable, chemically resistant, physically tough, and wear resistant. This process is an excellent choice for larger plastic parts produced in short run or low volume production quantities.

Polyurethane molded parts in 2-5 weeks Excellent flowability allows molding complex geometry including: louvers, ribs, bosses and openings Superior cosmetic appearance for visibly critical applications superb encapsulation ability The process takes its name from a chemical reaction that occurs within the tool. The plastics used are thermosets, either
polyurethanes or foamed polyurethanes. The two components that produce the polyurethane are mixed just prior to injection into the tool. With the low viscosity and low injection pressures, large, complex parts can be produced economically in low quantities.
Considerable design freedom is possible, including thick and thin wall sections that are not good for injection molding, due to the uniform shrink characteristics. Foamed polyurethanes are natural thermal and acoustic insulators. Excellent flowability allows for the encapsulation of a variety of inserts.
Reaction injection molding is used in many industries for many types of parts. While bumpers for vehicles are produced in this process, most applications are for large, complex parts produced in quantities less than 5,000 units. Examples include panels for electrical equipment, enclosures for medical devices, and housings for computer and telecommunications equipment.
If you think that your next project may benefit from Reaction Injection Molding, contact us to learn the advantages and differences when compared to other plastic molding processes.


Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)



 Stereolithography is the heart of APC's Partner rapid prototyping service, turning your 3D CAD drawing into a solid object. Most stereolithography prototyping can be completed in as little as 1 to 2 days, with larger projects typically completed in under 5 days. Stereolithography prototypes can be used as master patterns for injection molding core and cavity inserts, thermoforming, blow molding, and various metal casting processes.
Key benefits of Stereolithography Rapid Prototyping

Time savings: APC's Partner can fabricate your SLA prototype i less than two days
  Cost savings: APC's Partner  prices stereolithography prototypes competitively
Tight tolerances
Epoxy resin is resilient enough to be used for testing Stereolithography is well suited to small lot manufacturing of prototype or end-use parts

Stereolithography investment casting patterns allow rapid production of metal prototypes
Rapid prototyping allows you to get your products to market faster

Technical Overview of Stereolithography Rapid Prototyping
To create an SLA rapid prototype, first a three-dimensional CAD part is "sliced" horizontally into cross-sections between 0.002" and 0.006" thick. The slices are fed to 3D Systems' Stereolithography Apparatus. Inside the stereolithography chamber of the apparatus, an ultraviolet laser traces the first layer of the part on a metal platen, submerged just below the surface of a vat of photo-sensitive polymer. Wherever the laser touches the liquid, it solidifies. Once the layer is traced, the platen sinks the thickness of a layer below the level of the liquid. A sweeper bar moves across the surface of the last layer, making sure there is the exact amount of resin on top. The next layer is then built upon the previous layer. In this manner the entire part is built from the bottom up, with the completed sections of the part remaining submerged.



 Metals Machined

APC´s Partner machines standard steels, cast iron, alloys, stainless, aluminum, brass, wood and even plastics. We can also provide you auxiliary services such as heat treating, plating, black oxide and painting for your machined parts. Custom Machined Parts

Short Run Pro performs custom metal machining to our customers' specifications. We utilize precision CNC machining centers, along with lathes, conventional lathes, boring mills, regular mills and drills.

 Along with our metal machining services, Short Run Pro provides services such as metal fabrication, metal shearing, sheet metal stamping, metal part forming, metal welding and metal finishing services.
APC´s Partner  has the total package to fulfill your metal machined parts need.

We turn the often time consuming custom machined parts procurement process into a success without the hassle! When you use Short Run Pro metal machining services to fulfill your machined parts requirement you save time and receive a high quality machined part.

Thank you again for visiting our metal machining website. If we can help you with your machined parts please let us know.

Vacum Støbning 



Vacuum injection molding is also known as vacuum duplication mold. Inside the cast material under vacuum conditions not only process for de-aeration, mixing, preheating, injection molding happen, but also secondary curing process of forming will occur at 60 -80 constant temperature box within 2-3 hours. This methodology is suitable for small batch trial production, more complex model and structure, uniformity thickness evaluation during product development to satisfy certain functional requirements of the Engineering Sample
your machined part specifications.          

 Advantages :

Silicone rubber tooling is a low cost solution for producing small quantity of functional parts in a short lead time.

Large variety of urethane materials available to mimic the injection moulded materials ranging from soft rubber grades to hard plastics.

High quality surface finish including large range of colours and textured finish available.

Excellent and low cost solution for pre production release of parts for Marketing, Advertisement, Functional testing or Exhibition display purpose.

Special features like Insert moulding, threaded inserts can be easily moulded inside the castings.

Silicon moulding has distinctive advantage over hard tooling that it allows limited undercuts or negative draft angle features to pull out due to flexibility characteristic of silicon rubber, avoids extra side cores or sliders to put in.

Using primarily their own range of unique THIN-RIM® resins Martello can supply vacuum cast polyurethane components up to 500mm x 380mm x 340mm with a component weight of up to 1.2Kg. Typical timescales for vacuum casting are 2 weeks from order to first off parts. You may only need rapid prototyping services for your requirements depending on the volumes requried for your project.

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