APC´s partner was founded in 1993, has 10-year solid experience in production, technology and marketing, APC´s partner is professional in aluminum alloy product processing field.
Main products of APC´s partner are divided into four series: Aluminum Alloy Heat Sink, Aluminum Alloy Front Panel, Aluminum Alloy Enclosure, Aluminum Decorative Parts.
Main Processes of APC´s partner include: Tooling Manufacturing, Cutting, Cross Cutting, Punching, CNC, Milling, Engraving, Diamond Cutting, Polishing, Grinding, Painting, Anodizing, Etching, Silk Screen and Packing.
Based on ISO9001:2000 management construction, customer satisfaction is our aim, and we do each working procedure to achieve ˉZero Defect'. APC´s partner´s people believe that only the management and conception promotion can boost the companyˇs continuous development.
We promise that we provide not only competitive prices, but also all-way services. We always design and manufacture our customers the most satisfactory products. Every APC´s partner people is required to do everything right at the first time; quality assurance is our ultimate goal!
Located in Dongguan, APC´s partner aims at serving customers in ZhuJiang Delta Area and further to the whole domestic market. It is our belief that customer satisfaction comes from high quality products which come from high efficiency management. Through continuous improvement, we provide better and better services to our customers and get win-win results.

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