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Aluminium extrudering og bearbejdning

Service ydelser:
  • Aluminium extrudering
  • Aluminium støbning
  • Værktøjsfremstilling
Kapacitet :
15.000 ton / år
CNC Bearbejdningscentre
CNC Fræse, Dreje, Bore....
Støbemaskiner 600US Ton-4000US T
Min Ordre (MOQ):
Min: 500 USD,
Min 20-30 Stk.

Firma profil:
  • 400 Ansatte
  • Fabiksareal 24000 m ²
  • Fabrik: Foshan City
  • Mange legeringer og:
  • Overfladebehandlinger
  • Alu. 6061, 6063 mv...
  • ISO 9001:2008
Under 50-60% af dansk pris.
Værktøj 1/4 - 1/5 af dansk priser

I de tilfælde kunden ikke har en fyldestgørende tegning, tilbydes bl.a. udarbejdelse af tegninger. Det fordres emnet ejes af kunden og han fremsender et emne. Varigheden er normalt 1 dag til en timepris af 100 Kr






APC´s partner is located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, with a plant area of 23,659 square meters, fixed assets of CNY 40,000,000, 400 employees and an annual production capacity of 15,000 tons. We are one of the leading Aluminum Fabrication Centers in China.


 We have several extrusion production lines which are capable of manufacturing aluminum profiles (the press is from 600 US tons to 4000 US tons), die casting parts, heat insulating parts and relative further fabrication products for construction, industry and decoration fields.
With 12 years of experience in the aluminum field, we can handle a broad range of alloy (6061, 6063 or as requested) and surface finishes (such as anodizing, powder coating, electrophoresis deposition, liquid painting, sanding, polish, grinding, buffing, blasting and bright dipping).
We have two large processing workshops with over 20 sets of advanced machinery equipment and CNC production lines including 1. Five-Axis and Three-Axis Machining Centers imported from Germany (400mm cross-section and 12-meter in length, and carry out extrusion fabrication, high precision drilling, milling, tapping and cutting at the same time)
2. Elumatec Double Headed Mitre Saws (Pivot min. 22.5 degrees, and max. 135 degrees)
3. Auto Feeding Saws with Cut length from (for double mitre operation) 5mm to 1000mm
4. Copy Routers Milling shape: round, oval, angle, slot and other irregular shapes Meanwhile, we have a full set of production facilities, such as high precision saws, multi-headed drillers, and punching, tapping, threading, stamping, riveting and MIG&TIG welding machines.
 We are specialized in aluminum extrusion and fabrication, and products we can do include fences, ventilation grills, railings, windows and doors, metro doors, roller shutters, heat sinks and other customized shape fabrication parts for industries and decoration.
With excellent quality products, the most competitive prices, very good services as well as over 12 years experience in the field, we have sold products to Denmark, North America, Australia, Europe, Japan…



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